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Restaurant Software IN Goa

Goa have varied range of restaurants, snacks bar, pizza huts,
burger centers.

Goa is one of the most famous tourist places among the world. Everyone wants to take break from regular life and chill in Goa. Goa has 8500 bars according to latest survey. This state has officially 2 languages Kokani and Marathi. Goa is smallest state of India but has the highest per capita income.

Goa has delicious and mouthwatering food attracts more who are crazy for sea food. Enjoying food with your favorite drink at beach makes you visit Goa more and more. Here is a list of special food in Goa.
Bebinca: Bebinca is the most delicious and famous sweet of Goa.
Ambot tik: in kokani ‘ambot’ means spur and Tik means spicy, as the name suggest dish is slightly sour and pungent.
Fish curry Rice: This curry is usually yellowish-red in color. It can be cooked with variety if fish.

Why Mentor POS

Mentor POS is restaurant management software that provides complete solution to all kinds of restaurants. Mentor POS is also providing solutions to ice cream shop, cafés, QSR (quick service restaurant), Pizza outlets, pub and bars.

Our restaurant billing software is mainly featured for fast and easy billing, inventory management, vendor management, CRM (customer relationship management), Reporting and analysis, Tablet ordering, feedback management, waiting queue and many more to smoothen the restaurant management process.

Mentor POS (point of sale) works on cloud as well as offline solutions.

Features like Split table, split bill, table reservation, loyalty program, shift KOT, order reprint, Happy hours, Daily email reporting, daily expense management, privileged users, different rates to different sections (like AC and NON AC), tax Calculation for easy restaurant management, makes us diffrent than others.

User Management with Mentor POS
User Management

Mentor provides you privileged user management assigned by owner or manager. Privileges make system more focused and easy.

Menu Management - Mentor POS
Menu Management

Add, update menu items easily, assign different price for different sections. Easy rate configuration with modifiers

Table Management - Mentor POS
Table Management

Add, update and delete tables with just 3 clicks. If assigned KOT of tables or sections can printed to different departments.

KOT Management - Mentor POS
KOT Management

Punch your orders from tablets and KOT will be printed to assigned department. Shift KOT between tables easily with Mentor POS.

Billing management - Mentor POS
Billing Management

With Mentor POS managing your bills are very easy. Our POS allows you to edit billing format like you can print greetings on your bill, GSTIN, phone, etc.

Dashboard - Mentor POS

Finish your order with just 3 clicks. Add discount, complementary, complete day report. Perform day close and report mailed to owner.

Reports Mentor POS
Reports & Analytics

Mentor provides you complete set of reports along with tax, highest selling item, lowest selling item, regular customer, vendors, inventory, etc.

24*7 support by Mentor POS
24*7 Support

We guaranteed you to provide 24*7*365 online support. Call us and we will answer your queries. We are open for customer suggestion that makes us creative.