Owner Benefit

Complete Order tracking- Mentor POS


Track your orders easily; you can check any order along with its date and time. You can track highest selling item, lowest selling item, most cancelled item, highest selling table, lowest selling table, orders finished by particular captain/manager.


Easily check your production cost of particular menu item, you can set item price for that. Even inventory cost gets higher and selling cost is lower, system alerts you. You can create recipes and save it into system.

cost estimation - Mentor POS
User Privilages - Mentor POS


Owner can assign privileges to every user. Any user can access only those modules which are assigned by the owner. This feature helps for making application easier for those who are not much aware about computers as well as for privacy purpose.


Owners can track each order along with its complete information. An email sent to owner whenever day close is performed, day end report shows you complete track of whole day transactions. Also owner can see multiple reports along with graphical UI.

Complete Reporting - Mentor POS