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Mentor POS is easy to use

Multichani Outlet - Mentor POS Tablet Ordering - Mentor POS Tablet Ordering - Mentor POS

Multichani Outlet

Easily manage your multiple outlets from centralized location. Along with complete graphical reports and analytics.

Tablet Ordering - Mentor POS

Tablet Ordering

Make order process faster with tablets. You can edit, update orders, print bill, custom note, attractive menu design with images.

Inventory Management - Mentor POS

Inventory Management

Complete inventory management with sales, purchase, automatic deduction. Calculate estimated production cost of your menu item.

Easy UI - Mentor POS

Easy UI

Mentor POS was designed with usability in mind for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Our user-friendly ui allow you to finish order within 4 steps.

  • Business like yours in a similar vertical with similar needs have successfully used mentor pos to manage their business. They have experienced how mentor pos help them to grow by automating and simplifying the process. All this is possible because we know that features are important really important. but before we dig into details take a few minute to understand mentor pos philosophy, depth and commitment to success.

  • Mentor POS is apparently in comparison of the companies in the same segment but we already taken over some of them in terms of features and user friendliness.

    Mentor POS focus on fast growth of features that help restaurant to run better. Mentor POS always take advice from clients to make it better every day.

    Mentor POS focused on fair and reasonable pricing strategy.

    Mentor POS have in-house 24/7 support team available free for all customers.

  • Did you know some of our competitors have high responding time in facing problem?

    We constantly update system to optimize the software and adding ease of use with new features.

    We have decided days for updation to make sure your peak days and time will not be affected.

  • In today's Global business world it is very easy to provide 24/7 support but we know there is a huge difference between good support and bad support.

    Creating a support is not about ticking the box on a checklist at Menopause all customers get free 24/7 email and forum support we have a team of reliable people in Pune managing the phone 24/7 365 days are ready to help.

    We made a decision that good support means supporting your success, not just our product and there is no other POS solution providers that take this as seriously as we do.

  • We have clients from Cloud kitchen, Cafe, Bakery, Fine dine restaurant, restaurant bar. We have made Mentor POS that it works seamlessly in any kind of food and Beverage Business.

Simple Steps To Follow

Ride To Mentor POS

Mentor POS Login Mentor POS Tablet Settle Order - Mentor POS



Login to salespoint with your username and password and that's it, Now you are ready to start taking orders.


Take Order

Click on table after that menu list will appear. Add items to cart with quantity and save order, KOT will be directly printed to kitchen.


Settle Order

For finishing order click on finish, select payment mode (cash, card, etc) and order will be finished and table becomes empty again.

A breakthrough design


Quick Service

KOT Delay Alert System

Online / Offline Solution

Mentor POS mobile app screen Mentor POS mobile app screen Mentor POS mobile app screen Mentor POS mobile app screen

Extra features


  • Quick installation and after sale service.
  • Fast wireless ordering operation with improved customer service.
  • Secured and Accurate wireless transfer of Order.
  • Wireless printing for kitchen token/ticket.
  • Easy tracking on running and cancelled KOTs.
  • The billing is done simultaneously at the time of order taking.
  • No manipulations in billing and secured transactions.
  • Smooth flow of communication between service staff and kitchen.
  • Optimum staff utilization reduces the labor cost.
  • Wireless POS system support on the Smartphones & Tabs.
Mentor POS mobile app screen Mentor POS mobile app screen

What people are saying


Why people love Mentor POS Why people love Mentor POS Why people love Mentor POS

Vijay Ingulkar

Tushar Madiamn

Adam Mahat




This is by far the best restaurant management software We tried,very user friendly, easy to understand, any layman can operate it without any issues, & best service in the industry!! Keep it up guys.

The help service which they provide that is awesome and very helpful company attends there customers very quickly.

The excellent POS restaurant management software I have ever seen. What you think in your mind they will code for you. This is how they provide their service. As far as cost is concerned it is very much affordable. This system is user friendly.