Boost your Brand with Hassle-Free Automation

Struggling with Stock keeping, Inventory management, Aggregators, Outlet & Vendor management? Mentor POS’s adaptive and impactful platform with automation is a hassle free one-stop solution for all that your brand needs.

Point of Sale System that adapts to your needs

With MentorPOS, integrate food ordering softwares measure what matters, get glean actionable insights, and save time while you scale your business.


Simplified Billing System

Billing your customers will never be a concern anymore. Our quick service POS makes it easy to do the math right through a touch of a button, saving both your staff and your customers time, and gearing for the next group of orders.


Zomato, Swiggy Integration

MentorPOS is based on a safe and open API that runs on your preferred platform. Receive orders no matter where they come from, be they through apps or online platforms and customise your offerings to them.


Intelligent Analytics

Mentor POS Analytics enables us to analyze in an efficient way large amounts of information. This way it’s possible for us to benefit from all the information that we wouldn’t be able to analyze with traditional methods. You can slice and dice data for meaningful reports.


Inventory Management

Monitor what your customers are ordering and your stock levels. Simple, powerful software that simplifies all the tasks that will keep your restaurant running smoothly.

Save your Time and its Ideal for...

Mentor POS system is designed for your business’s front-end, back-end and speed. Manage your menus, orders and courses faster with our tools.

Cloud Kitchens

Ride to Mentor POS

Unique Features

Automate Menu Listing

Skip the hassle of unsatisfied customers. It is easy to lose track of your inventory when you’re busy being the best boss for the business!

When you start running low on inventory, our automatic cut-off POS feature will help keep track of any out-of-stock items and save your remaining ingredients.

With real-time stock tracking, you can easily refill low products, and order and manage your existing inventory from anywhere.

Overlapping ingredients used for multiple dishes? We can track every item in stock, both solo or group in all your menu items based on your needs.

Save on double orders and cut your losses with our efficient management tracker for all your restaurant needs.

Cancelled orders? Low supplies? Smoothly avoid any order cancellations and refund processes with our automated and customized systems.

Now accept orders and Mark Food Ready Automatically

Be it a cloud kitchen or a physical store, managing your business needs can be tricky on many levels. While you’re doing the hard work, our system will support your needs from anywhere at any time.

Work flawlessly with all-around automated processes right from picking out a dish on the menu to delivering the item and saving on additional restaurant costs.

With our customized POS systems, you don’t have to worry about manually accepting orders. Automated settings allow users to switch on auto accept mode and mark food ready for items available on the menu helping to rake in orders.

Managing multiple brands can get stressful but with our inclusive yet independent approach, users can access all their brands and products in one umbrella account.

And to suffice the need for a faster and smoother operation, real-time edits and access to controls on multiple levels of security and authority are provided to users.

Automatic Purchase Order Generator

It hurts to lose inventory during maintenance and unforeseen developments around your business, for example, when Covid took over the world. Save SKUs while you pre-plan events and bulk orders with ease.

Save management costs and overlook several Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) all in one spot with varying levels of controls for users and beneficiaries with our process.

Enter the world of digital ease and accessibility with pre-approved and programmable systems for all your needs.

Don’t lose paperwork and tangle in paper trails with our integrated purchase order generation feature that lets you maintain and track restaurant orders.

Too many cooks can spoil the broth and we understand the need for privacy. Our secure channels and levels can help protect your privacy.

Redefined Way of Managing Stocks

Remember that one time, someone ordered 400 SKUs instead of 40 all because of a typing error? We’ve got you! Steer clear of excess inventory and losses by controlling accessibility on multiple levels.

Access and controls for multiple levels and channels for secure members and authorized users help protect sensitive business information.

With pre-programmed access and customizable POS systems, you can avoid business risks and gain control over product orders with ease.

Avoid losses with secured access to authorized users when it comes to stocks, inventory and product management to minimize over-orders and human errors.

Unified Dashboards for all Your Outlets

As a boss, you’ve got too much on your plate already. A streamlined automatic system will help solve most of your business problems and point all your focus on growing your business.

View all your restaurant information with a centralized dashboard that can track and maintain everything about your brand and products from inventory management to delivery processes.

As a business, you’ll have tons of things to keep an eye out for so our systems can help you view and share reports on sales, stocks and customers based on your brand needs.

One of our highlighted features is broad and narrow custom controls over multiple brands, outlets and aggregators connected to your brand that help you navigate the markets.

Automated menu and dated reports on sales, stocks and ingredients give you access to tons of information that aids in better business decisions.

Centralized Menu Management of Multiple Outlets

Juggling multiple locations can get hectic for you and your business. Be it an individual location or multiple outlets, making menu changes has never been easier. A concentrated systematic approach will ensure you hold access every step of the way.

Different locations? Multiple zipcodes? Our automated approvals follow a menu-first approach that automatically shuts off access to menus with low or missing stock.

Users have access to specific levels that allow them to make edits, changes and accept orders and more with no alterations on other levels.

We can help maintain menu changes, price alterations and other specialized details for as low as 1 to more than 500 locations under your brand.

Easily manage stocks and inventory differentiated on store locations, regions and countries with our systems.

Centralized Management System for Vendors & Suppliers

While risk and profits go hand-in-hand, a configured system can help you pre-plan for obstacles. Protecting your business is the most important factor. Limiting access to sensitive reports and data can help prevent theft and losses.

Avoid sensitive data and business information leaks with controlled access to vendor lists.

With our customized systems, you don’t need to worry about losing vendors to competitors and franchises.

With one-of-a-kind USPs, you can overcome competitors in the market in terms of sales and audience reach.

Whenever there are any external changes, price fluctuations and unforeseen outlet demands that could affect your business can be easily tracked and managed with our POS systems.

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What they say about us

Adam Mahat

Sim’s Kitchen, Camp, Pune

The excellent POS restaurant management

software I have ever seen. What you think in your mind they will code for you. This is how they provide their service. As far as cost is concerned it is very much affordable. This system is user friendly. Beyond all this Mr. Pawan & Mr. Achal are very co operative in the service. Give them a call & they are there

Manasvi Gandhi

HR Department

Totally user-friendly software

with every feature that a restaurant requires. Perfect for restaurants and cafes of all sizes. Very impressed with the service pre-installation despite
Manoj Gowda

HR Department

Really Nice POS

Really Nice Pos system which can be customised according to our necessities, good bunch of people to help in times of technical difficulties.. 5 stars from TEASQUARE

Shivanand Najan

Marketing Executive

The Best Restaurant Management

Software so far we have been through,very simple and easy to handle, no complex stuff like other software,the backend service makes it great,the followup,the support by the executives is just at another level,thanks you for enlightening our restaurant, A big thank u from vardhan pure veg,Keep it up

Smitesh Lokhande

Owner, Sails & Grills

Friendly and

I have been using this software for a while. The best part is it is so user friendly and flexible. Any changes to be made in menu, adding items etc, it is very easy. Also one of the best part is it gives you detailled reports daily. It is an Owner friendly software. Any issue you have regarding anything, their service team solves it very promptly. Be it holidays or late night they never say no to help you. Highly recommended to restaurant owners.

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