“POS” is an acronym for “Point of Sale which is in itself a shorter form of “data capture at the point where a sale is made”. The term came about as evolving computer hardware and software made it possible to capture the sale information at the time the sale was made.

A locally-based point of sale (POS) solution means the POS system runs from a self-contained software program installed on one or more onsite POS terminals (PC’s). The POS application does not require an always on Internet connection but Internet access would be required for credit card processing.

A web-based POS solution means the POS system runs from a web-browser such as Internet Explorer and could be dependent on an always on Internet connection.

A POS system is software package that is frequently packaged with an accompanying compatible hardware package used to organize and operate your business. The software links your customer service, inventory, accounting, payroll and other departments within one program, which helps centralize your administrative tasks. Using a POS is tremendously time-saving and efficient compared with the alternative of using separate software to manage each area.

It can also improve the customer experience with efficient sales programming, reduce waste with automated inventory reconciliation and expiration and ordering alerts, and prevent theft.

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No, there is no need purchase hardware and software from same vendor. Mentor POS is compatible with all hardwares from different vendors.

If the current software can export customer and inventory details, it is possible to transfer the data into your new system, but each case would need to be evaluated individually.

Customer details and sales reports organized by customer can be retrieved efficiently with POS, and most systems organize the information into reports with customized categories for optimizing comparisons and applying the data to future planning.

If you are running Mentor POS online version, then you do not require any additional drivers installation but with an offline version, some drivers may be required.

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