Marketing Team Benefits

Celebration Reminders

An effective way to remain in customers lives is by sending out well wishes on their birthdays and anniversaries and other important occasions. It is an effective marketing strategy to earn and hold loyal customers who feel connected and cherished with your brand.

SMS / Email Notifications

Save paper with e-billing and SMS bills and easily manage automated communications including auspicious festival wishes, special days, New Year greetings and any other store-related information such as discounts, sales, coupon offers for your customers.

Happy Hours

Easily define and apply happy hours offers to your stores / outlet for specific date and times to attract customers and boost sales every week. Our software tracks and compiles these offer sales into customized reports on the menu items sold and what worked best thus helping to understand your customers needs better.

Offer Management

Mentor POS allows complete control over your orders and offer management. Owners and users have the power to create, update and delete offers on the platform. You can also set up new offers with specific criterias such as menu items, happy hours, discount on certain items and BOGO deals on particular menu items.

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