Mentor POS simplify your business process. Old fashioned way of running restaurants become a bottleneck in your progress, but with a Mentor POS restaurant personnel can efficiently do their work and manage to save unecessary expenses.

Owner Benifits - Mentor POS

Owner Benefits

Mentor POS track every penny of your sales & provides multiple payment options. It is impossible to cheat with our system.

Marketing Team Benifits- mentor POS

Marketing Team Benefits

Mentor POS automatically collect and export sales data, we also create reports to understand customer's behaviour.

Staff Benefits - Mentor POS

Outlet Staff Benefits

Mentor POS simplify the ordering system and it boosts employee morale and it leads to the better service.

Purchase Team Benifits - Mentor POS

Purchase Team Benefits

Mentor POS inventory management system allows a purchase team to keep track of inventory just at one click.

Tax Benifits - Mentor POS

Tax Benefits

Mentor POS allows you to see all your sales data in one place. With Mentor POS you can easily manage your account and taxes.