Ice Creame POS

Are you currently running Ice Cream parlor? Facing problems in your business?

Here you'll find the complete solution for your Ice Cream parlor with Mentor POS. Our Software is designed in such way that it's helpful to get one store in addition to the multi chained franchise. It's possible to track complete listing of inventory, day end revenue, Kitchen manufacturing, Highest selling item, lowest selling item, order management, menu update, take away orders, payment procedures and other surgeries.

We provide you a complete report of your sales. You are able to get item wise sales report, day end revenue report, monthly sales; you will also get a graphic report to examine your business.

Business Intelligence feature will be helpful for raising profit of your business.

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Restaurant POS

In Restaurant POS Software you will get amazing features like order management, table management, kitchen management, etc.

You will get an email notification after closing your Restaurant which will include sales price, day end profit, and inventory stock.

You can manage your restaurant anywhere else. You will get a notification if someone makes changes in billing transactions.

Orders will be taken from tablets so that it will make restaurant process faster. Tablet creates more impression on your customers.

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Café POS

You will get a complete solution for Café . You can able to track your total orders as well as table turnaround time (TaT), which helps you to serve more customers on a single table.

You will be able to use features like billing management, order management, table management. KOT system will be handled automatically. You will have loyalty programs for your daily customers. You can give a discount in percentage as well as the flat amount.

It will automatically calculate everything including your inventory and figures and gives you complete reports.

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Bakery POS

Mentor POS advances in Bakery Management. You can handle multi-chained bakery system.

We are providing store management facility for your inventory along with Point Of Sales. The takeaway, and delivery modules help you to know more about your sales. Business intelligence module helps you to fix your business strategies.

You can have different reports of card payment and cash payment. You will have online ordering system.

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Pub & Bar POS

Bars & Pubs have more crowds at late nights; it's very challenging to complete each order manually. You can manage complete orders with one click on your tab.

You will have several unique features like the split bill, card payments, pay later, Discount offers. You will get a complete module for loyalty programs, in that you will have your customer's complete information. So you can send offers to then via mail on SMS.

Easy report generation is available. Privileges managed properly, complete security to your data and transaction information.

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Pizza POS

Want to improve your sales in a Pizza Shop. Here you get a solution. Mentor POS providing complete Pizza Shop Management tool.

This includes recipe management, Customer Loyalty Programs, Inventory Management, Report Management, Kitchen Management, Takeaway, Door delivery. You can track complete record of each order.

Different payments methods included like card payment, online payment, cash payment.

You can get different reports like cash sales report, highest product sales, lowest product sales.

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Sweet Shop POS

Manage your Sweet Shop with the completely secured automated system. Increase your sales as well as profit by using Mentor POS Sweet Sop Pos Software.

No one can change an order once paid. So we will be a complete protection to your money. If someone changes in the record then auto-generated mail will be sent to admin.

You can give various discount offers as per season. Our software helps in complete inventory management system.

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Quick Service Restaurant POS

How about making your service faster with Mentor POS?. You can access full service with a single click.

Our application will store dispatch time, delivery boy, order id. You can track your orders automatically instead of time-consuming. You can overview performance of your staff members as well as the efficiency of your speed service.

Once you enter customer data into the system, it will be stored automatically next time you will get an order from the same customer you won't have botheration in entering data. By using email and SMS, you easily advertise your offers special programs.

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